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Simple Question about DNS



I just want to confirm a simple thing.

I have like 5 IPS in my server. Now, when I assign the ips to the name servers, is it right to do it this way:

ns1.mydomain.com --> first ip
ns2.mydomain.com -> second ip

the first ip, is the main ip for the machine.



I wouldn't suggest to assign ns1.yourdomain.com (or anyother NS*.yourdomain.com) to the first (main) IP at your server.

It will be little pain to to move ns1.yourdomain.com to another server in future. Registrars keep IP-address of ns.domains.com in whois DB , so you will either need:
- to change this IP at registrar
- or to move main (first) ip of the server to another one (its not a simple task as you may think..)