Firewall Security and the Internet

Security Firewall Hardware

As computer attack patterns shift and threats to networks change and grow almost daily, it is critical that organizations achieve reliable information security. Investment decisions about information security are best considered in the context of managing business risk. Risks can be accepted, mitigated, avoided, or transferred. Outsourcing selected managed security services (MSS) by forming a partnership with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is often a good solution for transferring information security responsibility and operations. Although the organization still owns information security risk and business risk, contracting with an MSSP allows it to share risk management and mitigation approaches.

Managed Security Firewall Services
Farpost's Managed Security Firewall Services protect an organization's key information assets across networks, hosts, applications and databases.
Farpost's Managed Firewall Security service utilizes firewall devices from Cisco Systems, SonicWALL, and UNIX-based solutions.

Managed Security Firewall

The performance and security of conventional software firewalls is strictly limited by the server platforms and operating systems on which they run. Today's world of Gigabit networks and multinational hacking organisations demands orders of magnitude greater throughput and security. Hardware firewalls offer this increased performance and avoid the widely publicised operating system vulnerabilities.

The Frontline in Firewall Security
Network processors are used for the frontline processing in hardware firewalls due to their intrinsic fast header processing capabilities. These network processors provide very fast frontline packet processing e.g. packet filtering and meta information gathering (stateless information). This is passed to a second line processor to enable lawful interception, intrusion detection system, or stateful hardware firewall applications.

Managed Firewall - Hardware for your Network
We have extensive experience with network processor architectures and wire-speed packet processing, enabling us to deliver hardware firewall solutions of the very highest network performance. These solutions combine the best of breed network processor and server technology.

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