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If you are looking for a reliable long-term partner in the areas of offshore Software Development, Software Testing and Web Development, then FarPost Software is your best choice. Please acquaint yourself with the detailed information on our company that is presented on this site, and write to us if you wish. We strive to constantly optimise our operation and expand the selection of services we offer, and we will be very happy to discuss your ideas.

Remote work is great, but you need a sales outpost near your clients

Q: I'm an American corporate finance attorney who founded an offshore programming hotshop that has experience programming for municipal and military applications. We believe if people knew about us, they would use us. But how do we go about finding companies who use or are interested in employing outsourcing programmers, and how do we meet them? What are some resources we could use?

A: Offshore programming is a fast-growing, though relatively new, niche of the information-technology industry. Fueled by the demand for Year 2000 conversions and the lack of qualified U.S. labor, outsourcing programming companies -- mostly in developing countries like Russia -- take on projects for corporate clients, mainly from the U.S. or Europe. And they do so often for 30% to 60% less than it would cost at home.
Typically, companies use the foreign programmers for tedious, labor-intensive programming projects, freeing up their high-priced staff for other priorities. Since you have already got a viable shop overseas, you're in an enviable position. Now, experts say, you need to establish a physical presence in the U.S. or Europe, get your Web page listed on the major search engines, and hire salespeople to start digging up clients. Once you've gotten a couple of jobs and completed them well, word-of-mouth will be your best advertising -- especially if you can truly offer quality and substantial cost-savings.

Offshore Programming

The current stampede toward outsourcing programming should come as no surprise. For months now, the business press has been regurgitating claims from off-shore vendors that IT work costing $100 an hour in the United States can be done for $20 an hour in Bangalore or Russia. If those figures sound too good to be true, that's because they are. In fact, such bargain-basement labor rates tell only a fraction of the story about offshore outsourcing costs. The truth is, no one saves 80 percent by shipping IT work to Russia or any other country. Few can say they save even half that. As just one example, United Technologies, an acknowledged leader in developing offshore best practices, is saving just over 20 percent by outsourcing to Russia.

Outsourcing Programming

Why use outsource programming?
Businesses today need highly functional, high-performance applications in order to remain competitive. Billions are spent each year by firms to upgrade existing systems or develop new systems. However, the high cost of in-house software development makes such efforts prohibitive to many businesses.

FarPost can make high-performance applications available and affordable without physically being in your office. Some of the benefits you will receive are as follows: Additional staff without having to provide office space or equipment. No travel, relocation or temporary housing expenses, no insurances, vacancies or sick leave expenses. Main advantages of the "telecommute programming" by the Russian software developers are professional quality due to very high skill set and traditionally reasonable rates of pay. With us your save over 60 % of your development costs. FarPost development skills are packaged as development partnerships. Partnerships can include short-term and long-term projects, partial or complete life-cycle services, analysis and specification design, coding, maintenance and specific subcontracting services. FarPost programmers and consultants are experienced with the latest client and thin-client/server languages, concepts and technologies including PHP, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, VBScript, ActiveX, Delphi, SQL, Java, JavaScript, CGI, HTML, DHTML, XML and WAP. Operating systems experience includes Windows and Unix varieties, WinCE and Palm OS. Web server experience includes IIS, Netscape and Apache. Database experience includes SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.
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